Ontario University Fair: The Survival Kit

For those of you who are in the process of deciding which universities you’d like to apply to: settle in, everyone, Grand-mère Jasmin has some wisdom to throw down. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: choosing a university is one of the biggest and most life-changing investments of your life. There’s a…

Silver Linings Or Something: The Moody Cow Gratitude List

I’ve been a right moody cow recently. If you’re a student right now, you probably understand. It’s the beginning of the semester’s end; deadlines and exams are looming and everything feels awful. Everyone I speak to at the moment is “oh, y’know, slowly dying”. It’s just that time of year. Don’t worry, it’s not all…

Benediction For The Burnt Out

It’s that time of year again, friends. Midterm season is upon us. Even many of us who are no longer students are finding themselves in a state of overwhelming chaos, lately. Personally, I’ve had a Bad Week. This week, I’ve had the worst and most debilitating anxiety attacks of my life. The most severe one happened immediately…

Lessons I’m Learning

Here’s the thing: I have always assumed that by certain milestones I’ll become a particular person, fully equipped to deal with her situation. By 23, I had figured I’d be a graduate, doing my Masters in London, England, working part time for some really cool company, with a cat and a nice boy living in…

No, I’m Not Bonkers: A Transfer Student’s Retrospective

By the summer after my first year, I could see that I wasn’t thriving– I was barely even surviving. I had three options:

1. I could stay put and struggle on
2. I could drop out, or
3. I could do the unthinkable, and transfer to a university closer to my family.

My head told me to stick it out. My heart told me that I absolutely couldn’t drop out of my degree. And my entire being rushed into the realisation that really, my three options had become one.

I had to transfer, and I had just under 6 weeks to do it in.

A Declaration of Interdependence

For me, as a teenager, the idea of university was synonymous with independence. We’ve probably all thought about this, perhaps without even realising. I figured that I would magically transform into a capital-A Adult. I assumed that I would stride out into the big wide world and never look back. I thought that being in…