Lessons I’m Learning

Here’s the thing: I have always assumed that by certain milestones I’ll become a particular person, fully equipped to deal with her situation. By 23, I had figured I’d be a graduate, doing my Masters in London, England, working part time for some really cool company, with a cat and a nice boy living in…

On Womanhood and Healing

Hello friends, it’s been a minute. Things are looking up in Toronto, and as I write this it is currently a whopping 18 degrees outside! It’s also just a couple of days after International Women’s Day… which also makes this week two years since my journey with chronic illness began. What a week, eh? So…

#GLAmour: Love Letter To Myself

This Valentine’s Day, in honour of all things lovey-dovey, Team Octothorpe are writing a collection of love letters to ourselves under the tag #GLAmour.    Dear Jasmin, We cried yesterday. We heard some truths that we needed to hear, and we finally learned to listen. How strange it is to hear someone who knows you…

No, I’m Not Bonkers: A Transfer Student’s Retrospective

By the summer after my first year, I could see that I wasn’t thriving– I was barely even surviving. I had three options:

1. I could stay put and struggle on
2. I could drop out, or
3. I could do the unthinkable, and transfer to a university closer to my family.

My head told me to stick it out. My heart told me that I absolutely couldn’t drop out of my degree. And my entire being rushed into the realisation that really, my three options had become one.

I had to transfer, and I had just under 6 weeks to do it in.

New Year, Same Me: #OneWord365

Happy new year, my lovelies! I rang in 2016 in Hamilton, of all places. An uber driver asked me if I had exciting plans for New Year’s Eve and when I told them I was going to the Hammer, he laughed and said “I guess not, eh”. I always find that such prejudice against very…

Sleep Is For The Week & The Weak

I wanted to title this post “Things Not To Do In Bed” but my mum gave me The Look when I pitched that idea, so there you go. No more semi-inappropriate titles here. I’ve always been a bit of a night owl. I love mornings, always have, but for whatever reason I seem to be…