Lessons I’m Learning

Here’s the thing: I have always assumed that by certain milestones I’ll become a particular person, fully equipped to deal with her situation. By 23, I had figured I’d be a graduate, doing my Masters in London, England, working part time for some really cool company, with a cat and a nice boy living in…

On Womanhood and Healing

Hello friends, it’s been a minute. Things are looking up in Toronto, and as I write this it is currently a whopping 18 degrees outside! It’s also just a couple of days after International Women’s Day… which also makes this week two years since my journey with chronic illness began. What a week, eh? So…

No, I’m Not Bonkers: A Transfer Student’s Retrospective

By the summer after my first year, I could see that I wasn’t thriving– I was barely even surviving. I had three options:

1. I could stay put and struggle on
2. I could drop out, or
3. I could do the unthinkable, and transfer to a university closer to my family.

My head told me to stick it out. My heart told me that I absolutely couldn’t drop out of my degree. And my entire being rushed into the realisation that really, my three options had become one.

I had to transfer, and I had just under 6 weeks to do it in.

New Year, Same Me: #OneWord365

Happy new year, my lovelies! I rang in 2016 in Hamilton, of all places. An uber driver asked me if I had exciting plans for New Year’s Eve and when I told them I was going to the Hammer, he laughed and said “I guess not, eh”. I always find that such prejudice against very…

Sleep Is For The Week & The Weak

I wanted to title this post “Things Not To Do In Bed” but my mum gave me The Look when I pitched that idea, so there you go. No more semi-inappropriate titles here. I’ve always been a bit of a night owl. I love mornings, always have, but for whatever reason I seem to be…

#GLsuccess : Taming The Saboteur

This week, Team Awesome came together with a common cause: to prove how “success” can mean a lot of different things. Each of us is writing our own personal interpretation of it, you can check them all out under #GLsuccess. For me, “success” has always sounded like a Happily Ever After; an ending. And that’s…