Ontario University Fair: The Survival Kit

For those of you who are in the process of deciding which universities you’d like to apply to: settle in, everyone, Grand-mère Jasmin has some wisdom to throw down. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: choosing a university is one of the biggest and most life-changing investments of your life. There’s a…

I Think The 6ix Is The One

I’ve had more homes than I have fingers. I’ve lived in three different countries, five cities, thirteen houses. You could say I’m fairly adaptable, but Home is a concept I think about a lot more than perhaps the average person does. Home is a little more complicated than just bricks and mortar. And sometimes, home…

No, I’m Not Bonkers: A Transfer Student’s Retrospective

By the summer after my first year, I could see that I wasn’t thriving– I was barely even surviving. I had three options:

1. I could stay put and struggle on
2. I could drop out, or
3. I could do the unthinkable, and transfer to a university closer to my family.

My head told me to stick it out. My heart told me that I absolutely couldn’t drop out of my degree. And my entire being rushed into the realisation that really, my three options had become one.

I had to transfer, and I had just under 6 weeks to do it in.

Back to School & To-Do Lists For Fun Things

How’s it going, lovelies? We’re a week into the new semester. A week into the new year. It’ll sound cheesy and I can’t do anything to prevent that, but it all feels brand new. I feel brand new and back to my old self all at once. After my brief encounters with new classes and…

The Ups and Downs of Going Abroad for Uni

Starting uni is a big deal for everyone, but when you throw moving abroad into the mix, it’s a whole other story. I’ve almost finished my first year at Glendon, and I’ve been thinking a lot about all the things I’ve learned as a second year British transfer student with Canadian citizenship. Everything is different– from…

Everyone should take a gap year!

Hi pals- I’m sorry that this post didn’t make it to you on Thursday as promised. I’ve had a really rough week healthwise: I’ve spent the week feeling like I’m being repeatedly stabbed in the stomach and punched in the back, which is lovely. On the bright side, I’ve got a wonderful doctor and I’m…