Hi there, I’m Jasmin: friendly introvert, english major and eAmbassador at your service.


I’m a fledgling poet, a freelance writer, stubbornly loyal friend, chronic illness warrior and a Trini-Brit living in Toronto. It’s kind of a long story.

I was born in London, England, but I grew up here:


City of Bath, South East England

…before eventually moving to Toronto in 2012, where I spent most of my gap year.

I did the first year of my degree at Cardiff University in Wales before a hasty four-week transfer across the pond to Glendon Campus, York University. You can read the full story here.

Now, I’m in my fourth year of studying English at Glendon — et j’apprends le français maintenant aussi! It wasn’t the plan, but I’m loving the way things turned out — and learning a lot about the unexpected twists life holds along the way.

New blog posts come out on Thursdays (or whenever. But mostly Thursdays). Let’s be pals! Leave a comment or tweet me at @JasminElysiaGL


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jasmin! I’m looking to apply for York this year, and there are just so many programs to pick from. What can you offer as advice in picking a major? I’m also very interested in international studies and linguistics as well, I can speak 4 languages and hoping to learn French someday, so I was wondering if you had any advice or interesting things to say about your studies so far. You can tell me about life in York and just about anything else you haven’t posted already! I’ll be keeping up with your blog for new updates.
    P.S. I’m not a stalker, though by the way I’m writing, it seems that way, but it’s just my enthusiasm towards York!


    • Hi Iris! Thanks for reading my blog!

      In terms of choosing a major, it can definitely feel like a huge, daunting decision- but I just want to preface all I’m about to say by reminding you of a couple of things:
      1. “Undecided major” is a valid option for people who have a wide range of interests and want to explore those interests a little before locking a program down. You could take courses in a variety of disciplines and then declare a major at the end of first year! My boyfriend did this many years ago at McMaster and for him, it was a great option.
      2. If you’re really torn between ILST and Linguistics, have you considered a double major or major/minor in both?
      3. Glendon (and I’m sure other campuses at York too) is very flexible, and if you decided you wanted to change your major, our academic advisors are on hand to help you do so. Many of the eAmbassadors have done this! I know Juan has blogged about it; off the top of my head I can’t remember if anyone else has.

      I chose Linguistics because I had always really loved studying English Literature, reading and writing, studying languages etc. In my final years of high school I studied English Language, which is sort of an introduction to linguistics, and I fell in love with it. I also haven’t got a rigid career plan in place: I prefer to keep my options open, and studying LIN gives me skills (analytical thinking, creativity, interpretation and cultural awareness to name a few) that are applicable to almost any career path. LIN is a very broad program that overlaps with psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, and many other disciplines. In the early years of the degree you will get a basis in lots of linguistic study (syntax, morphology, phonetics, etc) which are more scientific- but it’s all really interesting. I was talking to some fellow LIN majors yesterday about how we leave every single class feeling like our minds have been blown. My pal Sienna wrote a truly wonderful post on what it’s like to study LIN: https://siennawgl.wordpress.com/2015/09/22/true-facts-about-the-linguist/

      It’s amazing that you speak four languages! Which four? — If you’re looking to learn French, Glendon is pretty much the best place to be. Even just walking the halls, you hear people switching between French and English and other languages too. I personally came to Glendon as a second year who hadn’t studied French in five years and remembered practically nothing, and I’m really enjoying FSL.

      Being multilingual would lend itself beautifully to our community, and especially the LIN program!

      I don’t know much about ILST, but lots of my beautiful co-bloggers are in that program! You can find them all here: http://www.glendon.yorku.ca/futurestudents/eambassadors/

      I hope that helps a little. Did you have any other questions? 🙂


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