ANNOUNCEMENT: Drake To Teach Summer Course At Glendon

As we all know, Drake recently began construction of a multi-million dollar mansion in the Bridlepath, in close proximity to the campus. In a bid to give back to the local community, he has volunteered to teach a summer course at Glendon and is in negotiations with the university regarding the potential of an extended contract. We are delighted to announce a new summer course, ECON 416IX: Introduction To Cash Money.

Details are still in development, but here’s what we know:

  • Drake will be bringing the Raptors home to train at the GAC, previously their home gym.
  • In addition to Norm Kelly, guest speakers are to be confirmed.
  • The colloquially named “Stairs of Death” are to be renamed “Meek Mill Stairway”.
  • A bi-weekly seminar for ECON 416ix will be taught in the CN Tower.


Thank you to Sienna for putting together the graphics!

Please note: While this actually isn’t a real program, we are always hard at work to bring some more fire courses to Glendon. #morelife


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