Back to School & To-Do Lists For Fun Things

How’s it going, lovelies?

We’re a week into the new semester. A week into the new year. It’ll sound cheesy and I can’t do anything to prevent that, but it all feels brand new. I feel brand new and back to my old self all at once.

After my brief encounters with new classes and professors this week, I imagine that this semester will be a good one– but not easy. A challenge. One that I finally feel ready for.

It’s been a long road to get to this point: I finally feel like I’m keeping my head above water. I walk into the Breezeway and immediately am met by three smiling faces; friends. I read the syllabi for my new classes and feel excitement instead of apprehension. The beauty of the second half of a degree is that you can start to cherry-pick the classes that ignite an interest. My Language and Society class looks like it’s going to be fantastic, so maybe I’ll write more about sociolinguistics later on this term.

I’ve been trying to incorporate my #OneWord365 into my daily life. So far, so good. I find that instead of wasting too much time worrying or being stressed, I’m trying to just accept my situation and see the positivity in it. As someone who worries about everything, this is helping me stay calm and happy.  giphy.gif

January always seems to be quite a gloomy, slow-paced month, and I’m feeling really restless. In the spirit of embracing everything, I’m going to make a to-do list of fun things I want to do or see in the next couple of months. I use to-do lists to keep me on track with uni work and errands, and I want to try to minimise my introverted, hermit-like habits by going out and doing fun things more often. So far, this is what I’ve got:

  • AGO: my family has a membership to the AGO, but I hardly ever use it. It’s one of my favourite places in the city and every exhibit I’ve seen there has been gorgeously curated. If you’ve not been, (A)GO!
  • Evergreen Brickworks: I went here in the autumn of second year and it’s such a beautiful spot for a walk (or if you’re feeling fancy, treat yourself at the cafe!) I can’t skate, but if there’s free skating here, maybe I’ll give learning another go…
  • Explore Leslieville: I live in the east end of the city, and I often pass through Leslieville on the streetcar. There’s lots of local businesses, restaurants and cafes here, and though I have a few old favourites, it’s always nice to take my laptop and do some writing with a chai latte from Purple Penguin (my latest discovery!) or go for brunch at Bonjour Brioche.
  • See more live music: whether it’s in my local pub or a favourite musician from my teens is touring in North America, more live music is needed in my life.
  • Study dates: I’ve found that sometimes it’s hard to focus if I study at home. Maybe more trips to Lunik, Frost, and the Reference library are needed.
  • The ROM: Another favourite of mine! Having spent most of my life in England, and being practically raised at the Natural History Museum in London, I’m a little bitter that Canadian museums don’t all run on donations. But fear not, fellow impoverished students! The ROM has reduced tickets on Fridays, so get yer backsides down there now.
  • Bring Harry Potter back into my life: They serve baked brie, guys. I may as well move in.

If you want to tag along or add something to the list, drop me a comment or tweet me @JasminElysiaGL. I’m a friendly one, I promise.

Have a beautiful weekend, pals. See ya next week. Maybe I’ll even post something on time! Fancy that.

3 thoughts on “Back to School & To-Do Lists For Fun Things

  1. As it happens, the ROM is also FREE for students on Tuesdays! Just flash ’em your student card and you’re in, easy peasy. 😀 Excellent little list–I’d love to join you in minimizing our hermitlike tendencies!

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