Things and stuff

This has been a week of things happening.

  1. I took myself on a Monday afternoon date to see Interstellar. I’d never gone to the cinema by myself before but it was perfect- since it was a weekday afternoon there were only about three other people there so there were less people to be annoyed by my coughing and wheezing. I am a geriatric 20-something. But anyway- Interstellar broke my brain. It took me a few days to get over it.images
  2. I’ve been having really, really weird dreams. I usually have incredibly vivid, detailed and complex dreams, but recently they’re on a whole other level. Last night it was some kind of Romeo and Juliet forbidden love story with this couple who run away from their homes on a flying sofa, and then they shack up in a little attic apartment across Lake Ontario and then their Dads show up and it turns out they’re like Atlantis/Poseidon type water god people and they have a huge battle on windsurfing sofas that fly? It’s all very strange so if you have any insight on what this means please let me know.tumblr_inline_miqnthCYPQ1qz4rgp
  3. I think I accidentally made my doctor believe I do cocaine (I don’t. I don’t even drink coffee, let alone have a drug habit). It was pretty awkward and I probably shouldn’t be allowed to speak.
  4. I have to go for a CT next week. I’ve never had one before so I’m quite nervous about it.
  5. I’ve kept my hair long for as long as I can remember. At its longest it was skimming my hip bones and at its shortest it was probably chest-length. Until today. It’s been a year full of huge changes and challenges, and I needed to do something different. Not to mention that the ends of my hair felt like rope and it was thinning out a lot- not cute. But now I have shoulder-length hair and despite my irrational fears, I am not a hideous ogre. Check out my new look on Twitter.
  6. I found out today that my best friend who studies Electrical Engineering in London, England is moving to New York City for his placement year! Instead of whatsapp and snapchat I can just hop on a bus and see my pal in just 8 measly hours! I’m overjoyed for him (when I heard the news I screamed and the budgies flew across the apartment).Elf
  7. Andrea Gibson is coming to Glendon! I’m so excited. Lunik is one of my favourite spots on campus and spoken word is one of my favourite things, so the two of them combining is my dream come true.

So anyway, I’m off to admire my new haircut some more and do some research for my Visual Art in Canadian 20th Century course- I’ve never studied Art History before and I’m loving it! It’s a really interesting combination of Canadian history (which, being English, I’ve never studied before) and how it impacted the Canadian art scene. Have a beautiful week and stay out of the snow- I’ll see you next Thursday.

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