Jasmin doesn’t know how to do life.

It’s happened. The November pile-up. Midterms, deadlines, reading, blogging, stress, and best of all, sickness.


There’s so much I’d love to write about this week, but I just don’t have the time or the energy. I’m sorry! I promise next week I’ll have a bunch of stories to tell you- probably about how awesome Fall Campus Day is/was. For those of you who don’t know, we’re hosting an open house this Sunday. Come and see Glendon for yourself!

I have to confess, I am terrible at time management. This is not an exaggeration: I always leave things to the last minute, or I underestimate how much time I need to get something done, and then everything gets piled up. I’m working on it. My mum is the queen of managing time, and it drives her insane that I didn’t inherit her skills.

images-1 copy

I’m kidding Ma! Don’t get mad when you read this.

I’m usually a very calm person- but not in the lead-up to a deadline. I figured since I’m not writing as much as I usually do, I should at least provide some entertainment. So here’s the general process of me going from Kind-Of-Has-It-Together to Things-Are-Going-Badly-And-My-Eyebrows-Are-Out-Of-Control.

Like I said, I’m working on it. Don’t judge me (you can judge me a little).

Once I start working on a lot of different things at once, I become totally dependent on caffeine.


Maybe that’s why I still can’t get over the Centre of Excellence. It looks like something from a Sci-fi film.

Sleep deprived Jasmin isn’t great at PMA.

IMG_9477 2

Any time not spent on campus is spent in pyjamas.IMG_9569

If I have to remember a lot of different deadlines, you can count on me forgetting my keys.IMG_9596

The caffeine thing starts to become a problem when my sleeping pattern goes out the window.IMG_9604

Commuting life= time you could be using to do work is spent on the TTC.

IMG_9609 IMG_9611

I like working in coffee shops. A lot.

The pressure builds, but I keep the faith!

IMG_9587 IMG_9589

…Aaaaand then the pressure starts to get to me.



I’m a giant baby who still hasn’t worked out that sleep and self care are important for health, so then this happens…


So, my advice for this week is don’t be like me. If I ever figure it out, I’ll let you know.

Have a great week! Come to Fall Campus Day and check out my dark circles!

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