Dear Future Jasmin

Hi guys! This week’s post is a little different. I’ve really been reflecting on my academic career lately (see the last two posts to read about my current Gen.Ed courses and how I came to love my major) and it got me thinking about the future: by graduation, will I have achieved all the things I hope to? Will I be the person I’d like to be? I think these questions follow all of us. So without further ado: a letter to Future Jasmin, after she graduates. 

Dear Jasmin,

You are 23. I hope you’re well. I hope you’re healthy, I hope your eyebrows are less unruly and I hope above all that you’re happy. By now, you will have graduated. You may feel as though you are old, as though you are “behind” those who graduate at 21, but remember that you came from an education system where your last year of high school was the equivalent of Canadian first year at university. Remember that you took a gap year, not because you had to, but because your desire to travel and adventure was too strong to contain. You know as well as I do that these circumstances were never drawbacks, but the stepping stones that have led us to becoming who we are now- and who we will become.

Today is October 23rd 2014. We are 21 years old. Our right shoulder aches a little. We couldn’t be bothered to put on much makeup today. Our hair is long overdue for a trim, but we’re holding out until just before Mel’s cousin’s wedding so we don’t have to style our own hair that day. The world is dazzlingly bright and clear today: the sky is so endlessly blue that looking up at it makes your heart feel like it’s about to explode with joy. The trees are dressed in fire-colours today. Even the air tastes of possibility. Today, we feel as though we are standing on the threshold of change, of new life, of awakening and of growth.


I wonder if you will read this someday and think “YES! That was just before X happened/before I did Y” . I wonder if you’ll look back and think of me: how little I know of what’s to come. Today, we are at our local public library, trying to study but mostly staring out the window in the direction of the beach (tomorrow we have a Linguistics test- our favourite and probably most difficult course).

We have only been at Glendon for a little while, but already it seems as though every step we’ve taken, every wish we’ve thrown out to the universe in the last few years has been leading us here. Three months ago, we had never even heard of this place, and yet we cannot imagine being anywhere else. We are still finding our feet in a foreign education system, but we’re finding them much faster than we thought we would.

We’re really happy here. We love the expansive and diverse city we live in. We love the nest-like community of this tiny, tree-filled campus. We love the reprieve we’ve been granted by transferring here so quickly, with the help of Shauna and the others in the Recruitment office. We love our courses, and we love learning. We love that already, we know more people here than we did after our entire first year in the UK. We love the ever-surprising warmth of the people around us- that people we barely know will tell us they’ve missed us, that they’re glad that we’re here, who will even offer us a bite of their vegan pumpkin spice muffin. I hope you leave Glendon having learned this art of unreserved warmth. We still find it hard to believe that the people at Glendon are so nice to us.

imagesDo you remember the girl we were last year- before we got sick? The girl whose voice was strong, clear and so often heard passionately sharing her thoughts and ideas in class? Who was unafraid to speak up? I hope we find our way back to being that girl. I hope we step up and continue to strive for self-betterment as a student. We are learning that university isn’t a plateau. There is always room for improvement, always a step to take upwards. I’m starting to have faith that I deserve to be here, that it wasn’t just a fluke that I got this far. I hope you know this to be true. I hope you’ve proved it.

I hope you can look back on your degree with gratitude and satisfaction. I hope you integrate yourself even further into the community at Glendon. I hope you live your life as a light. I hope you leave this beautiful university campus having taken every opportunity that crosses your path.

tumblr_n9ejjnB2g61rxhuq8o2_500Do us proud. All my love,

Jasmin of October 2014

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